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Home image Monster High Abbey Abominable Home IckDolls are awesome.

And I like to talk about dolls. This little corner of the internet is a place for me to share my thoughts on the dolls I have come to love over the years. It’s fun, it’s casual, it’s a hobby!

This hobby was spurred on by my other love–watching cartoons. Yep, I got suckered right into the marketing ploy of  t.v. shows and fell face first into doll collecting. But I was a willing sucker. In this way, I become even more attached to the dolls I buy because I love the characters they represent.

So, in a world that can seem dark and murky, I have started a website that is light-hearted and colorful. A place to display dolls of the 80s, 90s, 00s, and odds and ends mixed in between. Okay, so how do I run this site? My criteria for reviewing dolls follows three standards:

1) Accuracy of the doll in contrast to the character portrayed in its franchise

2) Quality and level of detail in the doll’s design

3) Aesthetic execution (how clean and seamless the overall aesthetics appear)

And there you have it, voila! Enjoy!


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