Jakks Pacific Winx Club: Bloom Bloomix Doll Review

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Bloom magic attack ball 2a

“Power of the Dragon Fire!”

Total accuracy is not Jakks Pacific’s strong suit, but they make up for this with quality and seamless style. While some other doll companies try for accuracy, but fail in execution(i.e. sloppy, ill-fitting outfits or garish makeup), Jakks takes a more simplistic approach and nails it.

Hair, face, & makeup:

The hair at a glance looks shiny. It is a nice fiery auburn red, but no highlights. A subtle braid crowns the back of Bloom’s doll head. Two hair strands have been stiffened with some kind of factory hair product to hold some twisted curls in place long term. I prefer to keep those two curled pieces behind her wings since they conform better to the shape of her head in that placing. Overall, the style is long and slightly curled.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Bloom hair back

One drawback to the hair is that is has a slightly dry texture and if over-brushed can become very unmanageable. Due to this nature I have not bothered to style this doll’s hair, and it is “as is” out of the box. I believe the hair is nylon, but I have not tested this theory using the “water test” some doll hair websites suggest to try. I do know that it is not the superior-feeling, weighted-down saran hair (aka, Katsilk) so popularly used with Barbie and Monster High dolls. I would say that the Jakks Pacific hair choice is still more favorable than the extremely dry and frizzy hair of the Mattel Winx Club dolls made more than ten years prior.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Bloom face makeup head

A Jakks characteristic I have noticed and admired is the more mature and realistic design of the face. The aged face is appropriate to the age of the character it represents (approximately a 20 year-old Bloom in this case). Simple, clean, and pretty. Her eyebrows are thin, the eyeshadow is a simple dual-colored blue with a dash of glitter, her cheeks have a hint of blush, and her lips are a nice light pink. Overall, very clean and precise coloring and decaling.

Wings and Accessories:

I could not be happier with the wings. They are realistically printed, with nice colors and exceptionally accurate detail. They went the extra length by adding the sparkles on the tips of the wings. So far, Jakks Pacific has some of the most accurate wings of all Winx Club doll companies I have seen yet. As an additional feature, all Jakks Winx Club dolls have fluttering wings. Each wing is on a hinge and can “flutter” in combination with the other wing. Unfortunately for Bloom, she would need a big hair cut before I could get her wings powered up for flight.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Bloom torso

The accessories leave a lot to be desired. The generic slightly see-through yellow crown and bracer are:

  1. Not of great quality
  2. Have no variation in color
  3. Are not remotely accurate to the character depicted in the tv show

Now, that’s not to say they are terrible overall, rather that they were made without thought as to Bloom’s Bloomix outfit. In the show and character artwork, Bloom is seen to have two sets of gold bangles, one on each wrist. The doll’s single bracer (or armband) is really not comparable. It is longer for one. It is not made in the shape of bangles by any stretch of the imagination. It looks Elven, with vine-like swirls running throughout the pattern. I’ve also noticed the bracer is reused (and uncreatively recycled) onto some of the other Bloomix dolls, like Tecna. 

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Bloom bracer leggings shirt 2The other accessory is the tiara. It is made of the same material as the bracer. It is a baffling accessory, since I am not sure what the mold of this tiara represents for a Bloomix doll. A seashell perhaps? I believe that was Season 5… I find these Jakks Pacific dolls to be more mature than some of the Disney princess dolls, so I was surprised by how juvenile this tiara looked. (Yes, I am aware that these dolls were created for children, not adult critics.) When it matches the theme of a character, juvenile is warranted. But this is a mature and detailed doll and character. The face, the hair, the wings are all designed with attention to detail. So it was a disappointment to discover that the doll’s tiara looked so generic and not at all like that of Bloom’s Bloomix tiara– in actuality, her circlet. Bloom’s circlet should be a blue or silver wire encasing what appears to be a red gem. It is 100% different than the tiara used on this doll, and then recycled onto other dolls (i.e. Tecna’s Bloomix). Oh well. You can’t win every battle.


There are good points and bad points, but overall I think the good points win out. Anyone can tell at a glance that the clothes are not accurate. The top is overly simplified and lacks the look of scales. This character has such a great transformation outfit in the show, I can’t help but mourn the lack of the scaled armor.

Well, dealing with what we have here, there are still some features to this outfit. The sleeves try to resemble the scales with “V”-shaped cutouts around the arm. There is glitter detailing on the torso which I suppose tries to resemble the scales of the character’s transformation outfit. How about a C- for effort? At least the designers tried and thought to put some detail on the torso, even if not real scales of some kind.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Bloom full length comparison 2

Comparison of the doll to official artwork.

I’m not sure why there is a blue strap going around her neck, but it does not detract from the outfit I suppose. In some official artwork I see she wears a thin choker, but it appears gold and not blue. The gauzy material lining the neck of her top seems to be accurate with the character’s transformation! Wow, it’s odd what detail the designers decide to make and withhold. Speaking of which, that same gauzy material is made into her skirt–a skirt that does not exist in the character’s outfit? Again, the skirt should be in the shape of scales or armor plating. Well, these are not “the end of the world” detail issues at any rate. The quality of the clothes pieces are still fairly high, even if they missed the mark on somehow giving the illusion of armored scales. I do wish they had given her the gauzy scarf (cape) accessory to complete the look. Too much extra cost in making the doll? Hmm. I am not inclined to think that true.

The leggings are surprisingly detailed. Not accurate to Bloom’s character, but nice in their own way. They tried to show armored scale detailing, so a big thanks to the design team. The shoes are detached from the leggings, unlike the real transformation outfit, but the open ankle look is still fetching. I would gladly try my hand at wearing this style.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Bloom shoes leggings

Hoorah, scales!

Additional Details:

The Jakks Pacific dolls also have a standard size, approximately 11.5 inches. They have several points of articulation (neck, arms, wrists, knees, legs, and wings), great for super heroine poses. However, I have to add that my particular doll has very loose joints. Her left elbow especially needs persuasion to stay put for posing. As always, the dolls are very slim, which matches the characteristic look of the Winx Club girls in the show.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Bloom face makeup head 2


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