Jakks Pacific Winx Club: Tecna Bloomix Doll Review

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Tecna magic attack ball 2

Total accuracy is not Jakks Pacific’s strong suit, but they make up for this with quality and seamless style. While some other doll companies try for accuracy, but fail in execution(i.e. sloppy, ill-fitting outfits or garish makeup), Jakks takes a more simplistic approach and nails it.

 Hair, face, & makeup:

Let’s start with the hair. It is a shining point for the Jakks Pacific dolls after all. This doll’s hair is nicely highlighted with at least two hues of magenta. The hair has been altered with some factory chemical to keep it stiff and in the bob-like form that Tecna typically favors in the show and in this current transformation (Bloomix). The braid on her right side is nicely done, but was it added as an afterthought? There is no sign of Tecna’s Bloomix having a braid in the tv show character design. Not accurate, but I do appreciate the extra detail! The doll is missing the appearance of angled bangs, as seen in Tecna’s character design. I personally think bangs would sell Tecna’s appearance more, as her hair is an iconic part of who she is character-wise.

Thankfully, like other Jakks Pacific dolls, this Tecna doll does not suffer from the overly-dry texture of its hair. Since the hair has been stiffened and does not have the ability to be styled, there is not worry over what type of hair the company uses. Ironically, this Tecna doll still came with the standard doll accessory: a brush! Oh Jakks, you are so funny.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Tecna head face makeup

A Jakks characteristic I have noticed and admired is the more mature and realistic design of the face. The aged face is appropriate to the age of the character it represents (approximately a 20 year-old Tecna in this case). Simple, clean, and pretty. Her eyebrows are thin, the eyeshadow is layered first with a soft purple, then pink, followed with a dash of glitter. Her cheeks have a hint of blush and her lips are a nice mauve. Overall, very clean and precise coloring and decaling.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Tecna profile

“A brush?! Surely you jest.”

 Wings and Accessories:

The wings are another shining point of this doll line. They are realistically printed, with nice colors and exceptionally accurate detail. They went the extra length by adding the square “sparkles” on the tips of the wings. For this I am glad, since it means they are paying somewhat attention to the character’s personalities and powers that they represent in the show. So far, Jakks Pacific has some of the most accurate wings of all Winx Club doll companies I have seen yet.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Tecna back wings 2

As an additional feature, all Jakks Winx Club dolls have fluttering wings. Each wing is on a hinge and can “flutter” in combination with the other wing. Tecna is one of the few dolls who can really utilize this fluttering action due to her short bob hairstyle. That’s Tecna for you, always practical.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Tecna wings profile

Now for something disappointing: the accessories. The generic slightly see-through yellow crown and bracer are:

  1. Not of great quality
  2. Have no variation in color
  3. Are not remotely accurate to the character depicted in the tv show
Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Tecna bracer leggings shirt

“My accessories may be generic, but my character is certainly not!”

Now, that’s not to say they are terrible overall, rather that they were made without thought as to Tecna’s Bloomix outfit. In the show and character artwork, Tecna has one long bracer on her left arm. The bracer should be dark blue with a light green corkscrew piece wrapped from elbow to wrist. The doll’s bracer (or armband) is really not comparable. The colors are not even in the ballpark. That yellow plastic material seems to be what all accessories are cut from in the factory, as if Jakks Pacific got a sale on the stuff and mass-produced all accessories from this material. Ugh. That said, the doll’s bracer still looks nice, even if entirely inaccurate. It appears Elven, with vine-like swirls running throughout the pattern. I’ve also noticed the bracer is reused (and uncreatively recycled) onto some of the other Bloomix dolls, like Bloom. 

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Tecna Bloomix Crown face hair head

The other accessory is the tiara. It is made of the same material as the bracer. It is a baffling accessory, since I am not sure what the mold of this tiara represents for a Bloomix doll. A seashell perhaps? I believe the seaside theme was Season 5… I find these Jakks Pacific dolls to be more mature than some of the Disney princess dolls, so I was surprised by how juvenile this tiara looked. (Yes, I am aware that these dolls were created for children, not adult critics.) When it matches the theme of a character, juvenile is warranted. But this is a mature and detailed doll and character. The face, the hair, the wings are all designed with attention to detail. So it was a disappointment to discover that the doll’s tiara looked so generic and not at all like that of Tecna’s Bloomix tiara– in actuality, her circlet. Tecna’s circlet should be a green wire encasing what appears to be an oval blue gem. It is 100% different than the tiara used on this doll, and then recycled onto other dolls (i.e. Bloom’s Bloomix). Oh well. You can’t win every battle.


There are good points and bad points, but overall I think the good points win out. Anyone can tell at a glance that the clothes are not accurate. The top is overly simplified and lacks the look of armor plating. This character has such a great transformation outfit in the show, but I do not think they have done the doll’s outfit the same justice.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Tecna Bloomix comparison 2

Comparison of the doll to official artwork.

 Let’s jump in starting with the top. I give Jakks points for trying to maintain the general shape of Tecna’s Bloomix transformation. Detail is sorely missed though. So it appears they have tried to duplicate the asymmetrical epaulet over one shoulder. The teal lamé (metallic material) is very shiny and pretty, but why in the world did they darken the blue? In fact, it seems they reversed the light and blue colors in all areas of the top piece. An odd artistic decision to have made? One teal-matching strap is over her other shoulder, which again, that was an odd decision to have made. Other than the flawed color choices, the torso glitter is quite nice and tries to give homage to the actual detail of the transformation outfit. Even the distinguished cut pieces of her “skirt” do have the semblance of armor plating.

I would have to say this doll’s best features are the leggings. Just look at that detail! Is this where the art department of Jakks Pacific has been hiding this whole time!? Someone give these people an award! I am in awe over the circuitry detail. The dark blue color of the leggings even manages to match that of the actual character design. The glitter has been delicately applied (most likely by a machine), no sloppy mistakes that I can see.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Tecna leggings shoes

“My shoes are not accurate, but they look amazing!”

Tecna’s doll shoes unfortunately look nothing like the character’s seamless leggings-boots combo. The shoes are not exactly an integral look to this Bloomix outfit, so I do not believe this to be a problem. The open ankle teal-colored boot is actually quite fetching. I believe it is made of that same see-through plastic material of which the crown and bracer are made. The imbedded flecks of glitter give it a more fairy-like look. So all around, I think they still do the doll outfit justice, even if not accurate.

The last detail of interest is the missing scarf. After seeing what the art department can do with the leggings and how intricately the skirt can be cut to look like armor plating, I am disappointed with the lack of a few flowy pieces of fabric to represent a scarf-like cape. At this point I’m tempted to head out to a fabric store and finish the job myself. The doll just needs a few thin strips of some gauzy green fabric, and voila.

Additional Details:

The Jakks Pacific dolls also have a standard size, approximately 11.5 inches. They have several points of articulation (neck, arms, wrists, knees, legs, and wings), great for super heroine poses. However, some of these dolls have arrived new out of box with loose joints making it hard to pose them heroically. =/ As always, the dolls are very slim, which matches the characteristic look of the Winx Club girls in the show.

Winx Club Jakks Pacific Bloomix Tecna torso



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