Jakks Pacific Winx Club: Believix Bloom, Stella & Tecna Doll Review

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Bloom side view dragon flame fire ball

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella light ball magic

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Tecna magic ball technology

Total accuracy is not Jakks Pacific’s strong suit, but they make up for this with quality and seamless style. While some other doll companies try for accuracy, but fail in execution(i.e. sloppy, ill-fitting outfits or garish makeup), Jakks takes a more simplistic approach and nails it.

So with that said, where do I stand with these Believix dolls? They all excel in simplistic, yet colorful designs. In some ways these designs remind me of the original Winx Season 1 outfits that were bold, bright, and simplistic as well. Overall, I’m pleased with the design of these dolls. I think the faces are gorgeous and mature, the outfits are colorful, and the quality superb.

Hair, face, & makeup:

So let’s start with the faces. The European line of Believix dolls (Simba) have more adolescent features overall, especially when comparing the faces. The Simba dolls are much younger, perhaps even preteen in appearance. I would say they are cute and childlike, but in contrast to the Jakks Pacific Believix doll faces they do not hold a candle. The Jakks dolls are more elegant and mature– closer to the age of the Winx Club characters. Neither the Simba nor Jakks doll face looks exactly like that of the characters in the cartoon, so accuracy is a moot point in my opinion. It all comes down to which one I think is more stylish and pretty. I would say Jakks Pacific wins that argument.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella Simba face comparison

It’s up to you: Simba on the left, Jakks Pacific on the right, however neither are true imitations.

For each character doll, the eye makeup and lipstick color are changed to match the girl’s color scheme. It’s little bits of detail like that which are appreciated in distinguishing character differences. Starting with Bloom, her makeup decaling is very clean and pretty. Her eyes are an accurate blue and her lips a nice light pink. Her eyeshadow is a neutral pink or nude hue, which seems accurate to most official artwork of her character. And woot for tastefully applied glitter! It’s not garish or overdone.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Bloom face head makeup

Stella’s makeup represents her characteristic sunny color theme: gold eye shadow around her warm, brown eyes, and a burnt red color for her lips. And more tastefully used glitter.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella face makeup head

Tecna has a darker pink lipstick and neutral pink eyeshadow, again with glitter accents above her teal-blue eyes.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Tecna makeup head face 2

Unfortunately I would say the hair has a middle-of-the-road texture quality that is prevalent in Jakks dolls. It may not be super dry or frizzy, but it is not super soft and shiny like saran hair. I also believe the hair type differs between the dolls. Take Bloom and Stella for example. All of the Bloom dolls I own have a dry texture and are not manageable to brush. The Stella dolls are quite different and have a silkier feel and shinier look. I am not sure what each doll head is rooted with, but I would say the Bloom doll has hair similar to nylon and the Stella doll has something more akin to saran or kanekalon. This has to do with how the characters’ hair is styled. The Bloom doll has curly hair, so it was necessary to find a type of hair that would hold a curl. Stella’s hair is usually straight, and in this case did not need to hold a style. The Tecna doll hair is unknown since it has been stiffened with some chemical product to hold her bob hair style.

Bloom’s hair style is changed up somewhat from the real character design. It is still long, flowing, and red, but her bangs have been elongated and curled into a stiff position using some chemical product. The designers did keep the small braid circling toward the back of her head, as seen in her Believix transformation.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Bloom back wings hair

The designers did not do a bad job on Stella’s hair whatsoever. Other than giving it the characteristically cartoony look, I’d say they nailed the style. There are two curly pigtails, one on each side of her head, a slight side part separating her long “bangs”, and she has a nice light blonde color throughout her mane of hair. The only feature messing are the star clips on each of her pigtails. A shame they could not be added, but understandable.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella back hair pigtails

Tecna’s hair is pretty straightforward and perhaps the most accurately portrayed. That’s not hard when she consistently uses the same bob hair style in just about ever season of the cartoon. Her bob hair style is short, cuffing just at her chin, and is held in place with some doll hair chemical. There is a part just off to one side of her head. Her hair color has a main color of dark pink or magenta with interspersed strands of a lighter pink.


Each Believix outfit has a simple cut style, not a lot of extra detail other than the basics. I love the use of the metallic fabric (lamé?) to make each outfit flashier. In this case, the simplicity really works. I have heard the arguments online regarding the Jakks Pacific Winx dolls and how inaccurate they are designed. I too am disappointed that outfit details were overlooked or fudged in production, but what some other dolls try to make up for in accuracy they lose in quality. This did not happen in the case of the Jakks dolls. I do not understand why the art direction was so simplistic, but in overall aesthetic execution I would say the Jakks dolls hit it on the nail with clean, seamless, and colorful Believix outfits.

Bloom’s outfit works very well with her official Believix design. The lamé color is bright and bold. The skirt has two layers, the main color a shiny blue, the ruffle layer a light pink. She does not have any pleating on her shirt or skirt as seen in her official artwork, but the cut and shape match nicely. The shirt I would say is exceptionally well done. The pink material is embedded with fine sparkles. The sleeves start out puffy and end just past the elbows in a see-through gauze. The one sore detail missing is the fingerless wrist gloves, my favorite part in the Believix outfit designs. Ugh.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Bloom front torso top skirt

Stella’s outfit is again very simplistic, using the wonderful lamé fabric of which I am a big fan. Overall, the doll has an accurately cut top and skirt and the design is done well-enough. Just one problem…where is the rest of the Believix outfit detail?? In this situation simple is still looking very good. (This is where I would reminisce about the old Season 1 days of Winx Club and talk about how awesome their outfits were…but I must focus on today, so snap out of it!) So, neither the shirt nor the skirt are pleated as they should be, and the ruffle on the skirt is very plain, like a half-hearted tutu. And again, there are no fingerless gloves. Honestly, the missing gloves disappoint me the most. They pull the Believix outfits together! I believ(ix) that they are the finishing touch. The designers did manage to install the bows on her right hip at the least. The very least…

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella torso top skirt

By far, Tecna’s Believix outfit is (arguably) one of the best Winx Club outfits in Season 4, and all seasons prior! In my humble opinion that is, heh. That being said, the Jakks depiction of her Believix outfit is fairly underwhelming. But again, what they lack in detail and accuracy they make up for in artistic execution. Her outfit resembles one of those OskKosh jumpers, but for adults. If you don’t take into consideration the inaccuracy of the outfit, then it actually looks very nice. Like a comic book super heroine. The arms and neckline are made of a sparkly, sheer material. That same material is seen as an accent on her hip. There is a tiny bit of green lamé on her shoulder strap and a bit more used as her belt. It’s unfortunate that the original outfit, while being obviously more complicated to create, could not be replicated more closely. Details lacking are the turtle-neck, cut out holes on the sleeves, a little gauze on the forearms of the sleeves, and a separation between the top and the “overalls” portion of the top. Oh, and did I mention no biker gloves!?

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Tecna torso pants shirt

And now, how about the socks and shoes? Any better in the accuracy department? Eh…

Starting with Bloom, I would say the shoes/boots are a big fail. Sure, they kept the blue and pink theme, but open-toed wedge high heels? I see they tried to give the overall impression that combined with the pink knee high stockings it could almost look like a two-toned boot…but I just don’t buy that. There’s just no getting around it, she has a boot in the character design. Honestly, how do you mess that up?

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Bloom shoes heels socks stockings 2

Stella’s lamé stockings match the fabric of her character’s outfit, which is fitting and accurate, however they should be thigh high. But then how would we be able to pose the doll in such cool ways if she was hindered by tight-fitting stockings. Her shoes are a big of a disappointment: mono-colored and not at all accurate to Stella’s Beleivix design. (But at least they didn’t give her high heels, yeesh!) The designers could have at least added some sort of star motif into the design. They get one point for making them purple. 

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella shoes boots stockings socks

Oh poor Tecna’s boots… They seem to have been copied from Barbie’s generic closet wardrobe, just like Stella. Not only are they no where near the color of her character’s boots, they are a very random style and shape. Not sporty whatsoever– a design characteristic of the Believix style. Perhaps a ruffled fashion bag would be a more appropriate accessory to these shoes than her lost biker gloves (of which I am still mourning!).

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Tecna boots shoes stockings socks

Wow, so it may seem as though I was bashing Jakks Pacific pretty hard in the Clothing department, and honestly I was. But it was truthful, and sometimes honesty will hurt. And yet, I am still a Jakks fan. In the end, I give the company high points for executing a bold, seamless style and not cluttering it with busy details, of which some doll companies are guilty. I would rather have aa aesthetic and colorful doll, than one with bulky, loose-fitting clothes and garish features. If anything can be said for Jakks Pacific dolls, it’s that they are meticulous, clean, and pretty.

In contrast, I give you the Simba (or is it Witty Toys?) Tecna Beleivix doll. The wings look nice, colorful, and accurate. The clothing detail is definitely more accurate. I even owned this doll at one time, but two issues prompted me to sell her and buy the Jakks Pacific Tecna when she was produced later. The first was the ill-fitting, bulky clothes. The online stock pictures do not make my point clear, but I was disappointed with how bulky the outfit seemed on the tiny doll frame. It may have been accurate, but it looked unproportional and just overall bulky on her. The other issue was the main deal breaker: the odd-looking face. Perhaps it was only the Tecna doll in the end, because I also own the Simba Stella Beleivix doll and I thought her face was still more natural and pretty. On the Simba Tecna doll, I found the face shape and eyeshadow to be a bad distraction from the overall prettiness of the doll. The face is too juvenile or maybe it was just odd-looking due to the badly chopped hair length. The eyeshadow was overdone, not at all similar to the real character design– it should be more tasteful at the very least. I very much appreciated the clean, more natural facial design of the Jakks Pacific dolls in the end.

Simba vs Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Tecna doll

Simba Tecna on the left, Jakks Pacific Tecna on the right.


And to further my point, how about a look at the ill-fitting clothing. I am specifically contrasting the European dolls (I believe these dolls to be made by Witty Toys in this case) with the American dolls (Jakks Pacific). Here’s a clear case with the Harmonix transformation dolls:

European Witty Toys Winx Club Harmonix ill fitting clothes outfits watermark

Witty Toys Harmonix dolls — ill-fitting, loose, bulky clothes

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Harmonix comparison dolls watermark

Jakks Pacific Harmonix dolls– not always super detailed, but well-fitting and made with quality

Wings and Accessories:

The wings are a shining point of this doll line. So spectacularly detailed! They are all accurate, colorful, and see-through. And they are superbly sparkly, in a good way. The meticulous attention to detail of each wing theme (hearts, stars, and technology?) is very much appreciated. Each wing (if the hair is moved out of the way) will “flutter” on its hinge on the doll’s back. This works better for Tecna due to her short hairstyle.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Bloom wings hair

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella wings

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Tecna wings 2

Each doll comes with a colored brush of the same mold and lenticular card showing the change from the character in her Believix transformation and then to her everyday civilian outfit. I tried to capture two lenticular shots as best as I could, but even my SLR has its limitations. =/

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix dolls lenticular card Tecna  accessories

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix dolls lenticular card Tecna back accessories

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix dolls brush accessories

Additional Details:

The Jakks Pacific dolls also have a standard size, approximately 11.5 inches. They have several points of articulation (neck, arms, wrists, knees, legs, and wings), great for super heroine poses. However, some of these dolls have arrived new out of box with loose joints making it hard to pose them heroically. My Believix Stella doll is very tipsy, especially in the leg joints. As always, the dolls are very slim, which matches the characteristic look of the Winx Club girls in the show.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Bloom full length comparison

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella comparison

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Tecna comparison

Thank you to “www.unadinoi-winx.com” for the Simba Believix Tecna picture. See the following link for more information:



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