Jakks Pacific Winx Club: Special Edition Blue Believix Bloom San Diego Comic Con Doll Review

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con magic spell ball 2

Winx Club, an Italian cartoon phenomenon, popular in Europe, Australia, South America, parts of Asia, and at one time North America. This show has come a long way since 2004, starting out on Fox Kids (“4Kids” in North America), and later moving to Nickelodeon starting with Season 4. It’s a story about good versus evil, finding yourself and your potential, and working with your friends along the way. Pretty formulaic, but it still works and I have enjoyed following the main six characters for many seasons now. I would recommend the show (at least Seasons 1-3) to fans who enjoy magic and adventure. 

Even though Nickelodeon is dropping the show (and thus Jakks Pacific will no longer make any Winx Club dolls), the loyal fans who have stayed with the show since day one still continue to find any online hosting new episodes. Starting with Season 4, the show has gone through some rough changes. I believe, like many other fans, that the Winx franchise really hit its mark in the first three seasons of the show, and steadily hit a downward spiral soon after. The story arcs became bland, character personalities became indistinct, and dialogue was juvenile and uninspired. And yet I still faithfully watch, in hopes that the writing may one day be inspired again? And because I still like the main characters, I continue to collect some of the dolls. Through the years the dolls have become a collector’s item all over the world. This particular doll, Special Edition Blue Believix Bloom, started out as an exclusive doll at the San Diego Comic Con in 2012. My doll box says it is edition number 231 of 1010 dolls made. Not too shabby. Sure my box was a little dinged up, but for only $22 on Ebay I was thrilled!

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Believix Bloom box

There were two other Bloom Believix Comic Con edition dolls, Silver (a total of 510 made) and Gold (a total of 210 made). Unfortunately the latter two are too expensive for me, but they sure look glitzy and elegant.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Silver Believix Bloom Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Gold Believix Bloom

So, after much deliberation, I ended up taking my special edition Bloom doll out of its box! I’m not a diehard doll collector though. I enjoy freeing the dolls from their packaging and posing them on shelves around the my creative zone. Dolls are still toys after all, and toys are technically meant to be taken out of the box and played with (or in my case, posed, displayed, and reviewed on a doll website). Even special edition dolls are toys. If you’ve ever seen any of the Toy Story movies you’ll know that dolls want to have their hair brushed, not remain in a sealed package.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club doll review Stinky Pete Mrs. Nesbitt Woody Buzz Lightyear Toy Story NIB

Hair, face, & makeup:

As with all Jakks Pacific Winx Club dolls, Bloom’s face is mature-looking with defined shape and features. She is, after all, in her late teens to early twenties through the cartoon series, so a mature face would suit the doll well. This is a feature I appreciate when comparing the Jakks Pacific doll line to other Winx Club doll companies.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix Stella Simba face comparison

Simba on the left, Jakks Pacific on the right.

Bloom’s Believix doll makeup has been precisely applied as a decal using the same large eye shape as other Jakks Pacific dolls. Beneath her bangs are light brown eyebrows– just close enough in color to match her red hair. Her eyeshadow is light blue with a highlight of glitter (a nice touch I might add). Bloom’s irises are also a light blue.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con heart face makeup 1

This deluxe doll has an added feature if you look closely at her eyes. At the bottom of each pupil is a heart shape-shaped reflection–and if you know this character well, you’ll know the heart shape is her theme. So, why not add a matching light blue heart decal on her cheekbone? It has a metallic shimmer in light, just like the metallic pink lipstick she wears. This doll definitely has one of my favorite make-up layouts. (And I’m a fanatic for anything blue.)

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con heart irises cheek makeup

Fans appreciate the little things, like heart-shaped glares in the irises.

This doll’s hair has pros and cons. The main con is the type of hair the Jakks company uses, in this case probably nylon? Bloom’s hair is unruly, messy, and dry. Frankly, I’m too afraid to brush it for fear it will just get worse. And I’m not a pro doll hair stylist, so I’m not willing to go to the extremes of boiling or ironing the hair like other (more talented) people have done.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con back hair length

Thankfully there are more pros to outweigh the cons. The Jakks company did at least try to style the hair fashionably-enough, giving the Bloom doll a set of braids flowing down her back. They also incorporated blue tinsel strands to accentuate the blue theme. Mixed in with the auburn-to-red hair are bits of yellow hair to enhance the fiery look. The style is complete with nicely cut bangs and two longer, stiff bangs that frame her face.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con hair streaks energy ball 3


Bloom’s cropped top is another take on the standard Believix Bloom doll. It is the same cut, but with different colors and new fabric. This doll has what I would call lace bracers, or in other words, the lace black material wrapped from her elbows to her wrists. It harkens back to the “biker” or “punk” style of the original Believix theme. Separate from these armband/bracers is  blue fishnet gauze sleeve flecked with glitter that extends from her elbows up to the puffy black lace shoulders.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con torso skirt top

The cropped top is a combination of a shiny black material cropped around the sternum and the sides, and a shiny blue material across the chest. Centered below the chest is a sewn-on sapphire blue gem shaped like a heart–once again Bloom’s characteristic shape.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con top shirt

The skirt waist is made of the same smooth black material as the in the top. It starts below the belly button and dips into a slight V-shape. On either hip is one of the sapphire blue heart gems topped with a spray of blue glittery fishnet lace. The “poofy” part of the skirt has three separate layers. The top pleated layer is the flashiest being covered in blue glitter to match the doll’s top. The middle layer is a light blue lace material not used anywhere else on the doll. The bottom layer uses the same black lace material as that of her puffy sleeves and armbands. Overall, the layered skirt looks full and ruffled, not to mention cute and pretty.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con skirt

Finally we come to her feet. Her stockings are made of the black lace seen in the skirt, starting just below the knee and covering her all the way down to her toes. Around the upper calf is a thicker layer of black lace surrounded by a strip of black ribbon with tassels. Her shoes are 100% artist-inspired. There is nothing in the cartoon that comes close to this style. Oh well, this is a special edition doll, so it can have special liberties here and there. The heel and base of the shoe are made of a clear blue plastic in what I think looks like the shape of a shooting star. The front of the shoe is a cut-out black plastic heart, fitting again for Bloom’s heart shape theme.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con shoes stockings socks boots


This set of Believix wings is definitely one of the best I have seen yet. Not only do they “flutter” on a hinge, they have a very pretty stained glass window effect using a mixture of light and dark blues. There is quite a bit of iridescent silver outlining in the shape of hearts, along with small blue glittery hearts throughout each wing. The wings are then outlined in blue glitter and another layer of iridescent silver. Last are circular blue sapphire plastic gems that add to the bedazzling look.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con wings

This Bloom doll wields a magic orb of “insert generic spell here*. This particular magic spell energy ball is what appears to be a dark blue pom-pom, the kind you would glue on to arts and crafts projects in elementary school. But it adequately does the job. The energy ball is also fringed with iridescent tinsel pieces to give it an even more authentic magic touch.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con hair streaks energy ball 2

As brushes go, it has the same mold shape as all other Jakks Pacific Winx brushes. This brush is a dark blue to match the blue theme of this Believix doll.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con brush

 Additional Details:

The Jakks Pacific dolls also have a standard size, approximately 11.5 inches. They have several points of articulation (neck, arms, wrists, knees, legs, and wings), great for super heroine poses. However, some of these dolls have arrived new out of box with loose joints making it hard to pose them heroically. My Believix Stella doll is very tipsy, especially in the leg joints. As always, the dolls are very slim, which matches the characteristic look of the Winx Club girls in the show.

Blue Believix art done by EnchantingRainbow

Blue Bloom Believix art done by EnchantingRainbow

One last cool feature about this doll is the pearly/shimmery look of her skin. Thank you Jakks Pacific for making a truly qualitative doll.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Special Edition Blue Bloomix San Diego Comic Con pearly skin


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