Jakks Pacific Winx Club: “Good Vs Evil” Icy (Original Outfit) Doll Review

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil ice magic

Winx Club, an Italian cartoon phenomenon, popular in Europe, Australia, South America, parts of Asia, and at one time North America. This show has come a long way since 2004, starting out on Fox Kids (“4Kids” in North America), and later moving to Nickelodeon starting with Season 4. It’s a story about good versus evil, finding yourself and your potential, and working with your friends along the way. Pretty formulaic, but it still works and I have enjoyed following the main six characters for many seasons now. I would recommend the show (at least Seasons 1-3) to fans who enjoy magic and adventure.

Dolls On A Whim Icy Trix clip art

Icy happens to be the main ongoing villain in the Winx Club universe. She is the leader of the Trix, a trio of witches who despise the Winx girls and just about everyone else in the universe. And being the leader, Icy was specially released in 2012 as part of the four doll box set called “Good Vs. Evil”. This is a Season 3 release with Icy in her original witch outfit and three of the Winx Club girls (Stella, Bloom, and Flora) in Enchantix transformations.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Good Vs Evil Icy Bloom Flora Stella Enchantix Dolls On A Whim

Hair, face, & makeup:

Since Icy represents all things frigid and cold, this doll also shares her pale ivory skin color, among other arctic colors. Her face is similar in structure to other Jakks Pacific Winx dolls, but the makeup decals are altered to look more menacing. Her eyebrows are dark grey in order to match more closely with her ice blue hair. The angle in which her eyebrows are set is more angled than other Winx dolls. Her haughty features do not end there. Instead of bright and wide, Icy’s eyes are smaller and more lidded, as if she is trying not to laugh at the insolence of all those around her. She is obviously plotting something devious.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil face makeup ringlets 3

“You are all simpering FOOLS!”

Her eyeshadow has four colored layers. Holy detail, Batman! The first and largest layer is the light blue above her black eye liner (or long eyelashes). Directly above that is a very thin line of silver. Someone obviously knows their makeup because it continues to get more complicated. Beyond the silver is a dark grey (matching that of her eyebrows) which stretches out from the corner of the eyes and angles down under the bottom eye lid. The last layer is the highlight in neutral peach. Icy’s lips are very big and plump, and being the color of the crimson ruby red definitely contrasting well with her light color theme.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil face makeup ringlets

“Gaze upon my perfection or perish.”

Now I get to talk about my favorite feature of this doll (and the animated character)– the hair! And namely, the higher-than-Mount-Everest ponytail. Icy the animated character is an arrogant, selfish, and all-around cold-hearted witch, so having a severe and tightly pulled-back ponytail suits her personality. Approximately seven inches long, the ponytail is a wonderful powder blue color, almost white-blue in certain light. Compare this ponytail to that of the Mattel brand Icy doll.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil side high ponytail holder

This hair goes on for miles and miles and…

They ponytail extends up and out from her characteristically large blue ponytail holder. This holder is made of a soft clear blue plastic embedded with sparkles. Another wonderful part of this doll is the specially rooted Widow’s Peak forehead. No other character has this feature, which means the designers specially crafted this Icy doll to have a unique hair and head design.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil ponytail holder hair

Last, this Icy doll has two ringlets of light blue icy hair, one extending from above each ear. They are held tight with some kind of factory chemical and are not brushable. The hair type is middle-of-the-road quality. I believe the feel is not dry or unmanageable (unlike Bloom’s hair), yet I did meet with a few snags that did not want to brush out, and as a result left some odd kinks in what should be a cascade of straight hair.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil ringlets


This Icy doll has a very simplistic ensemble: a one piece jump suit. Like most Jakks Pacific dolls, the simplistic outfits are very common (see the Believix dolls). The jump suit is of a medium blue color using a smooth fabric that shines slightly when viewed in the light. The torso half of the jump suit resembles a tight-fitting tank top with a silver-threaded line starting at her chest and finishing at the hips. Here it connects to the silver-threaded belt sewn in around her hips. Below the hips the jump suit simply finishes off into leggings that end inside her boots.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil torso shirt jump suit pants

On her feet, Icy sports a pair of tall and pointy navy blue boots that ends below the knees, each with a very high stiletto heel. The soft plastic material is good for removing the boots easily, if necessary.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil boots shoes stillettos

Her armbands (arm warmers?) are simply open sleeves cut away from the jump suit, but using the same fabric.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil arm band warmer bracer sleeve

Icy’s cape is sewn into the tank top shoulders and is made of a black gauzy material embedded with silver sparkles. I personally think the cape is one of the best features of this doll (and the animated character, right up there with the high ponytail). No other dolls (except Sky, a Specialist Hero), wear the cape, so it is a unique addition. One issue I have is the quality. The cape is pretty flimsy and does not have any finished edges. It looks as if it was cut raw from a roll of gauze.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil full length back cape

So how does Icy’s doll outfit compare to that of the animated character?

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil full length front comparison

If I were nit-picky I’d say make the cape a dark blue satin material, the boots should be thigh-high, the sleeves should tie to the fingers, and if it’s not too much to ask a big monographed “I” on her torso (see Mattel Icy doll). Other than a few details that were fudged, I’d say this doll lives up to the animated standard.


There are only two additional features that came with this doll (in the box set). The first is the specially molded dark pink Winx Club brush. The official Winx Club logo is embedded on the brush head.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Believix dolls brush accessories

The other accessory is a promotional DVD featuring the rebooted pilot episode of Winx Club that aired on Nickelodeon. This 45 minute pilot episode has cherry-picked scenes from episodes 1-10 of the original 2004 Rai Season 1. I suggest that if you are interested in this series do not watch any of the Nickelodeon episodes before Season 4, and instead seek out Season 1-3 of the 4Kids or Rai version. Those are the true episodes, now lost after Nickelodeon rebooted the series around 2012.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil DVD video accessory

 Additional Details:

The Jakks Pacific dolls also have a standard size, approximately 11.5 inches. This particular doll is one of the older Jakks Pacific dolls and has eight points of articulation (neck, shoulders, knees, hips, and wings), while the newer dolls have ten (an additional joint in the wrists). However, some of these dolls have arrived new out of box with loose joints making it hard to pose them heroically. My Believix Stella doll is very tipsy, especially in the leg joints. As always, the dolls are very slim, which matches the characteristic look of the Winx Club girls in the show.

Another issue with these dolls is the cheap plastic mold in which they are cast. Depending upon how the dolls are boxed this issue may not be noticeable. But when you smash four dolls into one box, turn them sideways, and bend their limbs in an inhuman manner, you’re bound to have legs that are warped like so:

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil warped legs banana

Last, if you really have the urge, you can turn Icy into a fairy! This doll has a conveniently placed wings socket on her back. I’m sure the manufacturers didn’t feel like making a new body mold for her, so she got  the generic Winx girl body. Does that mean she shares plastic genes with Bloom? Icy’s not going to like that.

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Original Outfit Icy Good Vs Evil back wings plug socket hole

“Put fairy wings on me and I’ll make you regret it…”


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