Mattel Winx Club: Icy (Trix Witch and School Outfits) Doll Review

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy magic ice attack 2

Winx Club, an Italian cartoon phenomenon, popular in Europe, Australia, South America, parts of Asia, and at one time North America. This show has come a long way since 2004, starting out on Fox Kids (“4Kids” in North America), and later moving to Nickelodeon starting with Season 4. It’s a story about good versus evil, finding yourself and your potential, and working with your friends along the way. Pretty formulaic, but it still works and I have enjoyed following the main six characters for many seasons now. I would recommend the show (at least Seasons 1-3) to fans who enjoy magic and adventure.

Trix Winx Club witches Stormy Icy Darcy

From left to right, Stormy, Icy, and Darcy. Affectionately known as The Trix.

Icy happens to be the main ongoing villain in the Winx Club universe. She is the leader of the Trix, a trio of witches who despise the Winx girls and just about everyone else in the universe. Her powers embody all things cold and frosty, just like her attitude.

Winx Club Witch Icy ice attack

The Mattel line of Winx Club dolls was the first line to hit North American markets shortly after Winx Club aired on Saturday mornings in 2004. This would be the full-length 4Kids version (as opposed to the later abridged Nickelodeon specials), for those viewing in the US or Canada. Mattel took a gamble and invested in the Winx Club doll line for Season 1-3, to which I believe was a success. There were a myriad of dolls and outfits for each season. I came to really appreciate the Mattel Winx doll line. The dolls were fairly inexpensive (some as low as $10) and they were highly accurate and detailed. These two factors would be lost in future Winx doll creation (see Jakks Pacific Winx doll line), after Nickelodeon partnered with Rainbow. *sigh/lament* Today, the Mattel Icy doll has become a big collector’s item since its premiere over ten years ago. As with most Mattel Winx Club dolls today, the Icy doll is rare and can be found going for over $100 new-in-box on the internet.

winx-club-fairy-doll-deluxe-figure-icy-11Mattel doll Icy Witch box package


These aren’t just dolls, they’re action figures with brushable hair!

That is why I took some financial pains trying to obtain this particular Icy doll. I believe the Mattel dolls were before their  time. The detail and quality may not be on par with Monster High dolls, but it is very good for its time of creation in 2004. And the accessories were a wonderful (and plentiful) addition. Today, many Winx Club doll lines hardly come with any other accessories, unless you count a brush… So onto the good stuff! Prepare yourself, this post is a behemoth of pictures!

Hair, face, & makeup:

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy high ponytail

Winx Club Icy evil witch

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy front length 2

The Mattel Icy doll is a specially-designed doll different from her fairy foes, the Winx Club girls. For starters, her hair is long and piled high on her head at a 90 degree angle. Even more unique is the Widow’s Peak added to this doll’s hair design. I believe she is the only Mattel doll with this feature. It’s an iconic detail of this witchy Icy character for sure. Along with the peak, this doll exhibits the characteristic hair ringlet framing both sides of her face. The hair itself is made of a soft material (possibly soft nylon?) and does not snag upon brushing. The straightness of the hair is much more manageable then say the curls of the Mattel Bloom doll. It is dominantly a lovely icy blue (almost white in some lighting), with intermixed silver tinsel strands.

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy high ponytail side

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy back length hair ponytail cape

Icy’s ponytail is held high and straight using a cylindrical plastic holder. I have not tried to remove the holder, but it appears that there is a clamp built inside to hold the hair taut. The main color of the holder is medium blue with three lighter blue diamond embellishments on the front.

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy high ponytail holder clip

The Mattel doll faces differ greatly from other Winx Club doll lines, such as the North American Jakks Pacific Icy. The Mattel Icy has much thinner, cat-like eyes. The eyebrows are high-angled, as if she’s plotting something…maniacal? Sinister? Her eyeshadow is one shade of a frosty light blue, perfectly matching her arctic blue irises. She also has crazy long eyeliner that goes on for miles! And lastly, her lips are a frosty rose, a color to which I am partial. Overall, it’s a simple face and makeup design, but sometimes simple is best.

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy cape collar head makeup 2

Icy Winx Club face glare

“Insolence will not be tolerated!”


There are two outfits for this Icy doll, and I will start with the witch outfit (the one in which she transforms for battle). This doll features one of my favorite details–the awesome lamé fabric, so shimmery and metallic! Starting at the top of this dark blue jumpsuit is the collar to her sleeveless “tank top” torso. From the backside, the top is completely open down to her waist. The front of the torso piece has a seam running down to the legs, which then turns into the leggings. The jumpsuit is tight-fitting and looks good on the skinny doll frame. No ill-fitting outfits here. Her sleeves are also made of the same lamé fabric and color. They are not as tight-fitting, but still pull off the armband sleeve style of Icy in the animated series. For a witch, Icy has an awesome style sense.

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy front length full cape comparison

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy torso jumpsuit front

Another awesome detail about this outfit is the knee high boots. The Mattel boots extend well past the knee and are molded to the calf. Compare these boots to the Jakks Pacific Icy boots, which are much shorter and less accurate. Not only are the Mattel boots tall and molded, they also have a shiny patent leather look, complete with creases at the toes and ankle. They don’t look very comfortable being tight and stiletto heeled, but perhaps that is one reason why Icy is such a cranky gal. Lastly, on the bottom edges and sole of the boots is a light blue trim. Overall, it is a very realistic boot design.

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy black boots

After a not so quick, and slightly frustrating wardrobe change, Icy transforms into her Cloud Tower school outfit. It’s not exactly an outfit you would ever see at any school I know of, but then again Stella’s school outfit could be called a little lacking as well. Either way, it works okay for the cartoony styling used in the Winx Club animation. 

Trix Winx Club witches Stormy Icy Darcy School outfit 2

Again, Darcy, Icy, and Stormy– this time in their Cloud Tower school outfits.

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Civilian Cloud Tower comparison

Her sleeveless shirt cuts off well above the waist and has a large collar with a V-neckline. It is made of a shiny light blue fabric. 

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy tank top

Her skirt is made of a plastic-coated fabric to give it a shiny patent look. It is medium blue color with a slit on one side. Across the front runs an accent of small metal circles strung together with silver thread. Right above the slit of the skirt sits a reflective “diamond” gem. 

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy blue skirt diamond belt

Last are her two knee-high boots, slightly shorter than her black witch boots. They are similar in shape regardless of height, as they also use the same calf mold and “crinkles” around the ankle and toes. These boots are light blue in color and have a medium blue-colored sole and heel. One interesting and different feature of these boots is the criss-crossing impression along the front of the boot to give the impression of laces. 

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy blue boots


This doll does not lack for accessories. It’s wonderful! Let’s start with the two additional accessories to her witch outfit. First is the witch outfit necklace/collar that extends down to her waist to become a belt. The necklace is a dark blue collar with light blue diamond studs. It turns light blue as it extends down to the waist, and in the middle is an embedded letter “I”. A little elementary, but it’s classic of the original character design.

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy necklace letter I belt

The cape is a remarkable piece. The ice crystal collar attached to the cape is the part that reflects a flashing light on the doll’s back, and it sure looks cool. There are five crystals extending from behind her shoulders. When you press a button on her lower back, a red diode flashes and partially lights the crystals. This is the same flashing light as used in other Mattel Winx Club dolls.

Mattel Winx Club Icy Witch Collar Cape light up diode

Attached beneath the light-up crystal collar is a flaring cape, shiny dark blue on one side and matte black on the other. The finished edge is a step up from the Jakks Pacific Icy doll, not to mention the edge has a built in wire for posability.

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy flexible wire cape

It is hard to see, but there is a change of necklace, similar to the choker necklace she wears with her witch outfit. Her school necklace is a simple dark blue choker with a light blue diamond in the center. 

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy diamond necklace

Okay, so if you’ve only seen the Nickelodeon reboot of Winx Club you’re probably wondering what the heck, why a purple duck in the accessories? Nickelodeon’s reboot scrapped a large chunk of story and exposition from the first and second seasons, and that is where you would find Pepe the duck. He was originally sent by the Winx Club crew to Icy via an enchanted egg to annoy Icy. In a way, you could say they cursed Icy, at least until she figured out a way to prevent the duck from following her around like a baby who found its long lost mother.

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy Pepe the Purple Duck Enchanted EggThe Pepe figurine is a light purple cartoony-shaped duck with dark  purple feathers on his tail and chest and a yellow beak and feet. He also comes with the yellow enchanted egg shell from which he hatches. The egg shell looks like a two halves of a dinosaur egg with raised diamond-shaped spots. I’m not sure why the doll design staff chose to add these additional accessories. Did they really think kids wanted to relive the “Icy meets Pepe” moment over and over? But I’m not really going to complain. The more accessories the merrier!

Pepe the duck shocked

Shortly after Pepe was “lovingly” attacked by the Trix.

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy Pepe the Duck attacked

“Curse you, you cursed duck!”

A DVD was packaged with some Icy dolls sold in countries viewing the 4Kids English dub. The DVD has approximately ten minutes of video, all using clips from 4Kids Season 1 in order to introduce the main characters. Watching the DVD made me nostalgic for the 4Kids dub again. I know this version has its critics, but this dubbed version has a lot of character, fun voice acting, and a dramatic background soundtrack.

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy Promotional CD DVD

A tiny, but integral accessory the designers included was Icy’s “Crystal of Whisperia” (aka, “Vacuum” as known in the Rai and Nickelodeon dub). Icy and her two sister witches, Darcy and Stormy, each have one of these crystals. I believe these crystals must have been given to them down through the generations from their family line, specifically from the three Ancestral Witches– the villains who nearly destroyed Bloom’s home world and imprisoned Bloom’s parents and people. Together, the Whisperian Crystals (or Vacuums) can be used to summon monsters, influence people, cast powerful spells, teleport, and sense the location of high energy sources.

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy Whisperian Crystal Whisperia Wysperia Vacuum 2

This tiny accessory is really a gem. So much detail went into something so seemingly insignificant to a toy distributor. Approximately 1.5 inches tall, this slender blue crystal is molded exactly like the original in the animated series, even down to the wrap-around “cord”. 

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy Whisperian Crystal Whisperia Wysperia Vacuum

Her crystal really levitates! (just kidding…)

Winx Club Witch Icy Whisperian Crystal Vacuum 2

Icy summoning a Crystal of Whisperia, aka, Vacuum.

Stealing Dragon Flame

The Crystals of Whisperia (Vacuums) were used to steal great magic powers, like Bloom’s Dragon Flame.

A staple item with the early Winx Club dolls was a cell phone. Icy’s phone is cut like a long gem with a light purple body and light blue buttons. The screen on her phone shows a tiny picture of Darcy and Stormy, the two sister witches with which she is continually scheming.

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy cell phone

Icy even has a purse? Yep, even Icy likes to dress up and be feminine it seems. It is another transparent blue accessory, like her crystal (vacuum). It is shaped like a tulip head with three ice crystals pointing up in the center. A single transparent blue handle hooks from one end to the other. 

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy crystal purse

And as always, there is a doll brush. All of the early Mattel dolls shared the same mold design, but as is her theme, this brush is blue. 

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy doll brush

A lenticular card also comes with all early Mattel dolls, this one exhibiting Icy in her witch outfit, then changing to her school outfit. On the back side are two more pictures and a paragraph written by Icy herself. See below:

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy lenticular card

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy lenticular card back

And this last accessory is a mystery to me. I cannot think where I have seen this in the series. The online consensus is that this bulbous clear blue item is a candle shaped like a …monster, or dragon head perhaps? There is definitely a candle wick on the top of this piece, but it is unclear where this candle fits into the character history.

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy dragon candle wick

 There are two more accessories that came with the Icy doll, but unfortunately  I was not able to obtain them in the doll lot I purchased. The Mattel doll additionally came with a light blue bracelet (one in which you can wear) and an icy-themed sticker sheet.

Icy bracelet stickers

Additional Details:

The dolls are approximately 9 inches tall (the taller Prince Sky doll excluded). The doll limbs are made of a soft, rubbery material and can be posed in various ways thanks to the wire work within the arms and legs.

As with this Icy doll, many of the Mattel Winx dolls have a light-up diode on their backs that reflects and flashes through their wings (or cape collar). This a great addition to this doll line. But these dolls are aging more than ten years now, so if you come across these dolls be sure to check for old batteries. If you are storing your dolls, remove the batteries first so they do not leak and ruin the circuitry. Be aware that dolls new-in-box may have spoiled batteries too!

Mattel Winx Club Witch School Icy red diode light battery back button

I’ve also noticed that each Mattel Winx Club doll has its own unique face design tailored to each character. The differences may be a little subtle, but they are there. Compare the shape of the eyes for starters:

7056492757_ef6cc23634_zAnd now just a few more miscellaneous pictures to end this post on a frosty note!

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy head snow scene 2

Mattel Winx Club Witch Icy torso head snow scene


3 thoughts on “Mattel Winx Club: Icy (Trix Witch and School Outfits) Doll Review

  1. Farrah says:

    Fantastic review! This is the first time I’ve seen this doll and I think she looks amazing. My daughters and I have loved the Winx movies that are on Netflix and I always get sucked into new characters (it’s just as bad as when I was little, lol). I just discovered you blog and I’m looking forward to reading through it. It’s laid out so nicely and the photos are stunning. 🙂

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    • Zhanneel says:

      Oh wonderful! It’s great to hear feedback on pictures and layout, thank you! I’m glad you and your girls are enjoying the show too. I really enjoyed the first three seasons when it first came out in 2004. But I have been watching the new seasons too because I got invested in the characters and wanted to see what happened to them. Will Bloom ever get married? Lol. I hope to continue putting up doll reviews, but I’m in the middle of buying a house and my time is being spent doing less fun adult obligations. Thanks so much for your interest in my site. May your family be blessed. 🙂


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