About the Author

I won’t regale you with the standard “Since I was a child…” story, but I will say I was one of those kids who not only played with her dolls, but spent lots of extra time packaging them away carefully  or displaying them in ways that did not damage their hair or clothes. I never knew why, but as a little girl I knew not to cut or color any of my dolls’ hair. (Precocious much?) I had a love for dolls at a young age. I then took this attention to doll care into my later years, and here I am.

In the past decade or longer, I have spent time recovering my old dolls and toys from the dreaded moldy basement of doll doomdom. Many had mold, some had to be thrown out… but I was able to restore many more. This inspired my current and flourishing doll collection.

What are some of the dolls and toys I like to collect (and hopefully review)? Ever heard of the following?:

  • Lady Lovely Locks
  • Jem and the Holograms
  • Moon Dreamers
  • My Little Pony (80s, 90s, and today)
  • Winx Club
  • W.I.T.C.H.
  • Monster High
  • Ever After High
  • Vintage Littlest Pet Shop
  • More to come!

I know it’s a hobby, but let’s face it, dolls are awesome. And that’s why I love reviewing dolls of the past, present, and hopefully, future!

And If you would like to contact me, please fill out the form below.



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