Hasbro Moon Dreamers: Mystical Sorceress “Dream Gazer” Doll Review

Hasbro Moon Dreamers Star Gazer Scorceress Scientist front length lab coatHasbro Moon Dreamers Star Gazer Scorceress Scientist back length lab coat

Moon Dreamers dolls were created by Hasbro in 1986 and were featured in their own cartoon during the 1980s “My Little Pony and Friends” block. It was a golden age of 80s toys and cartoons. The cartoon only lasted 16 episodes, each approximately 11 minutes long. But if you like creative cartoons with a bit of humor I would suggest watching them for the fun of it. The cartoon takes place in a fictitious realm in space near Earth, called Starry Up. In this cartoon universe, space is not a vacuum but rather a cosmic wonderland where celestial beings defy almost all the laws of space physics. (If I remember right, this is mostly likely how I would have imagined space growing up as a kid, so it works.)

Dolls On A Whim Catalogue Moon Dreamers advertising art

Spoiler alert: Bucky Buckaroo has a crush on Crystal Starr.

The Moon Dreamers have an exhaustive job of making and delivering good dreams to all the children sleeping on Earth at any given time. That’s a 24/7 job, no lunch breaks. They are also responsible for keeping the cosmos themselves working and in tip top shape. And what show would be complete without antagonists? There are quite a few, though the biggest schemer is Scowlene, her daughter Scowlette, and their henchmen, the Sleep Creeps. Naturally, their life goal is to thwart the Moon Dreamers and give all the kids of Earth nightmares. Did I mention that they live in the Castle of Insomnia in the realm of Monstrous Middle? The names are so 80s, I love it.

Dolls On A Whim Catalogue Moon Dreamers Dream Central

I give you Dream Central and the Moon Dreamers!

Dolls On A Whim Moon Dreamers Dream Gazer box art

Wise beyond her cuteness

Each Moon Dreamer has a special job. Some are mechanics, others are star finders. Dream Gazer might just be the core of the Starry Up facility. Her job is multifaceted, often being consulted when great problems arise. She also maintains the Dream Library, watches over the invaluable Dream Machine, and at times sees into the future. She may be the oldest Moon Dreamer, or at the least the wisest. She is very mystical in her ways, sometimes speaking wistfully in riddles. She might be thought of as a scientist or sorceress, depending upon how you view her job.

Hair, face, & makeup:

Dream Gazer sports a high orange-pink ponytail. For about 30 years now, this doll has maintained its beautiful curl and has no tail rust seen in other toys, like My Little Pony figures. Her ponytail is held up with a gold-colored hair tie. Her bangs are short and stick out more than they lay flat. The secret of this hair is that it also glows in the dark.


Dolls On A Whim Catalogue Moon Dreamers Glow in the dark hair

*Intensity of glow not typical

After the hair, the next awesome feature of this doll is the head piece that orbits her head. It is the shape of a planetary ring, in honor of the cosmos theme. Unlike Saturn’s rings, this headpiece is made of a shiny pearslescent plastic.

Like every other Moon Dreamer doll, Dream Gazer has a young, cherub-featured face. The round head is a tan peach color, with big rosy cheeks, a large forehead, and virtually lacks any makeup. She has tiny lines high up on her face to represent eyebrows. This height most likely makes the doll expression appear light and happy. Her eyes are big, also giving her a bright and happy expression. Dream Gazer’s irises are light purple and feature a star-shaped reflection in each pupil. (Those are wonderful little additions to this doll.) Her childlike nose is small and fairly undefined. Her lips are light pink and partially open in a smile. Last, the ears are rather normal, nothing of note there.


“Do not let my cherub features confound you! I am a serious scientist!”

The most striking and established feature of the Moon Dreamer doll is the star emblem (tattoo, emblem?) covering her left eye. This gold marking is a distinct feature of the Dream Gazer character in the animated series. However, there are doll variants (possibly second editions) that were produced without this very important trademark tattoo circulating on the internet for sale.


Dolls On A Whim Moon Dreamers Dream Gazer paper doll cutout outfit 1

Dream Gazer as she appears in the cartoon series.

This cute doll has a unique style like that of all the Moon Dreamers characters. Very outer space-esque. Dream Gazer’s lab coat is tied around her neck via a silver-colored cord. The silver collar is meant to be turned up around her cheeks (which I forgot to do for these pictures, doh!). It would look rather “mad scientist” if you ask me, but then perhaps you have to be a little mad to live in outer space? Ha. The coat is made of a sheer fabric covering most of her arms and down to her knees. I really love the fabric pattern of this doll, lots of stars, clouds, and rainbows (exactly what I as a child would have envisioned space to be like!). The coat is trimmed in more of that silver cording to give it a finished touch. It is also embedded with a bit of wire to give it poseability.


“I wish this coat had pockets…”


Her leggings (tights) are very interesting. They are woven with many different colors–perhaps a multicolored thread? The method to weaving these multicolored silver leggings seems complicated. Be careful not to pull on the leggings for they can snag easily.

Dream Gazer’s shoes are adorable. (Not exactly something you’d say to the oldest and wisest Moon Dreamer, but eh, it’s true.) They are more elven-like than spacey, but still look great. They are made of a orange pearlescent plastic, a great color to match her hair. The front of the shoe exhibits a curled toe, like an elf of Munchkin.

Her dress is made out of the shiny material used extensively in the 80s known as Lamé. The dress is predominantly purple Lamé with accents of silver around the bottom trim and neck. Below the neck is what I would call a silver “bib”. The bib sports a cosmic emblem in the shape of a crescent moon. PS – it glows in the dark! By itself, the dress is plain, but with the lab coat, tights, and shoes it’s a great ensemble for someone living amongst the stars.



A few nice accessories accompany this doll. Unfortunately, I do not own the heart-shaped pendant or vinyl music record as seen on the box in the following picture.

Moon Dreamers Dream Gazer doll art box

Yes, this character IS an adult.

I do have a couple items, like the pick comb. It is made of a pink pearlescent plastic. This comb has a unique mold–the body is shaped like a star embedded in a base of clouds.


The stand base is another awesome accessory unique to the Moon Dreamers doll line. It is designed for very short dolls. The hard clear plastic is light blue and has two pieces, the flat base and the leg stand. 


 Additional Details:

There are a few last bits of information. The dolls are roughly about 5 1/2 inches tall. However, that is for the adult dolls (like Dream Gazer). There are two other young Moon Dreamers who have a slightly shorter doll body. 

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